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Safety Inspections

Consistent regulatory inspections improve worker safety, teamwork culture and overall productivity and should be an essential part of any decent health and safety program. CFSP can arrange for regular WHS inspections to be carried out at your work site whether general or hazard specific even behavioural.

The main functions of inspections include:

  • Identifying existing and potential hazards
  • Determining the underlying causes of hazards
  • Monitoring hazard controls
  • Recommending corrective action
  • Listening to the concerns of workers and supervisors
  • Gaining further understanding of jobs and tasks

Monitor Your Performance

Our inspection and auditing services enables you to effectively measure your company’s health and safety performance. Our team of capable and qualified health and safety professionals carry out risk based site assessments to industry best practice benchmarks ensuring advice provided to clients is credible and certified.

Full Inspection

The inspection process examines both the site itself, current site activities and the statutory documentation that is required during the day to day running of a site.

Authorised inspections and/or safety walks are undertaken with the management representative or other authorised persons.

Trained Professional Staff

Our professionals use a practical approach rather than simply conducting a policing exercise. A core value of Contingency Fire and Safety Planning’s commitment and drive is our relationship with clients and their workforce. We target maximum involvement, analysis and judgment at all levels and examine how all levels of an organisation work together.


Our WHS specialist will, upon completion of the site inspection, give advice to the site manager / agent on any problems that have become apparent during the inspection and answer questions or queries that have arisen since the previous visit.

Site Inspection Reports

A written report will be produced which will identify any hazards, risks or any shortfalls in the documentation. For metrics and system requirements CFSP can use client proformas or utilise one from its own professional toolkit.

The report will also recommend any control measures that may or should be put in place to prevent injuries and/or incidents, improve safety standards and help achieve compliance with legislation.

Copies can also be sent to the client within two working days of the inspection having been carried out.

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