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Emergency Response Plans

The Building and Fire Safety Regulation 2008 Part 4 Section 17 specifies legal requirements for emergency evacuation and planning instructions and practice. Specifically:

  1. alerting, and communicating with, persons in the building; and
  2. alerting the service, including using manually operated fire alarms; and
  3. arranging the evacuation of persons with special needs, members of the public and other persons in the building, to a designated assembly area for the building; and
  4. checking whether all persons have been evacuated from the building; and
  5. meeting the fire officers attending the building in response to the fire or emergency at a suitable place stated in the fire and evacuation plan for the building; and
  6. informing the fire officers of number of persons evacuated and number and identity of any persons not accounted for

Contingency Fire and Safety Planning will develop a site specific EEMP (emergency evacuation management plan) to facilitate full compliance with these obligations along with implementing practices in accordance with Section 3 of AS 3745 – 2010.

AS 3745-2010 covers the requirements for Fire and Emergency Evacuation Plan, which must document the organisational arrangements, systems, strategies and procedures relating to the response and management of emergency situations. It also calls for the maintenance and review of the plan. The standard details what provisions are required and the consideration that must be made when producing the plan.

Our expertise and experience will deliver for your business the relevant fully compliant plans and procedures whilst ensuring as far as reasonably practicable any foreseeable risks are considered and this will help protect your business from any potential liability or risk.

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